How to build AI chatbots no code for you website

    ·March 22, 2024
    ·2 min read

    Hi: I'm Luna, and I'm going to show you how to sign up and complete your first out-of-the-box experience

    You can use a Shopify account or a Google account to log in and experience our AI product.

    Once inside the system, you can choose to connect your own store or select "Other" to proceed without linking a store. If you choose "Other," provide your website name and domain to move to the next step.

    We offer various AI training modes:

    1、 By clicking the fetch button, AI will automatically learn about your Shopify products.

    2、 Upload your business documents, FAQs, or other relevant content for AI to learn and train.

    3、 Enter your domain address for AI to learn and train automatically.

    We leverage the underlying capabilities of ChatGPT 4.0 to absorb your business knowledge.

    After training is complete, you can configure the appearance of Livechat

    Once the configuration is successful, you can proceed to testing in the playground

    We also support content correction and adjustments directly within the "chat" interface

    After making corrections, you can manage them in the QA feature

    Of course, you can also delete the original files and submit new content for retraining

    AI-powered chatbot for your busniess QuickCEP